Magic in Manila

Last month I spent a couple of weeks on holiday at the Philippines. This was my 5th visit in 6 six years. The temperature is always nice, food delicious and the people friendly. But as a magician, I wanted to perform and I was able to get a spot at the Manila Fringe. Like the Amsterdam Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe, this was a festival dedicated to the arts, both performance and visual.

I appeared in an impressive line-up of magicians. The show was called “Triple Threat”, named after the main three magicians who each have a different style. The show was held at a coffee place called Commune in Makati. After doing a tech run with sound and music, we start the show at 9.00pm. A full house, always nice. 

Dale was the host and opened the show with a few crowd pleasers. Next up was James Paul who did a silent act to music where he did classical coin magic. Then Chris Lina, the Honest Con Man, showed a few routines on how to protect oneself being cheated.

Justin Pinon, the Mind Assassin, appeared also on Philippines Got Talent and had a great response to his mentalism. His blindfold routine was simply amazing and got a huge reaction. 

Then it was my turn. I performed a couple of routines from my Amsterdam Magic Show act and from Amsterdam Fringe show from 2016. There was an international crowd with guests from Austria, Syria, India, Italy, etc. It was a lot of fun and I hope to come back next year.