"Fritz is the best magician I've ever seen!" - Rashad Houghton, producer

Photo: Tom Wilmes

Photo: Tom Wilmes

When you hear the name "Fritz", you may of think of Fritz the Cat. Or even the chess program 'Fritz'. However, there is one Fritz that stands out: Fritz with a Z. And despite the advice of his attorney, magician Fritz will fool you, right under your nose! 

Fritz is currently fulltime profesional magician and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His magic has been published in international magic magazines and besides giving consultancy to famous jewelry stores, he lectures to other magicians worldwide. Fritz also performed his award winning one man magic show "Let's Go Dutch" in sold out theaters throughout the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Scotland, England and Romania. He also performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Fritz with a Z distinguishes himself from other magicians by improvising and being interactive constantly. Because every audience is different and everything is happening around him, he creates together with the audiences an unique and magical moment.

The energy, the comedy, and the unique moments he improvises with his audience, makes his magic unforgettable.

Nobody performs magic like Fritz!